Dr Hannah Wilson

Liverpool Business School

Hannah is DBA Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer in Research Methods in Business in the School of Doctoral Management Studies. Hannah's research is primarily orientated within the field of work psychology but taking a multi-disciplinary approach to her research combining concepts from organisational psychology, environmental psychology, workplace and the built environment.

There are three strands to her expertise work psychology, workplace strategy and pedagogy, which are fundamentally related to adaptations that can be made to improve individuals experiences and health within the work environment. Some of her current projects are; examining productive workplaces; workplace communities and wellbeing; and reflective practice and action learning on DBA programmes.

She also has an expertise in research methods teaching, specifically mixed methods and innovative methods, with experience in conducting research utilising both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Hannah would welcome connections with those with overlapping interests, from both academia or industry.

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Membership of professional bodies:

MBPsS, British Psychological Society. 2019

AFHEA, Higher Education Academy.

Research Grants Awarded:

Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, Establishing and creating a Return on Workplace tool (RoW) for organisations to make return on investment decisions regarding workplace changes (phase 1), Hannah Wilson, Grant value (£): 5,610, Duration of research project: 12 months. 2019

Conference presentation:

Research Preparedness of Undergraduate Built Environment Students, LJMU Teaching and Learning Conference, Liverpool, Oral presentation. 2015