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Maureen Royce

Liverpool Business School

Faculty of Business and Law

As an experienced and enthusiastic educator with a practitioner business background I have worked internally at LJMU and externally helping to shape inclusive and fair practice. My personal mission has been to extend educational opportunities to those who may have found themselves excluded. I have developed professional practice teaching and learning within my professional field of HR and work extensively as a volunteer with CIPD. I was awarded the highest level of CIPD membership becoming a Companion in recognition of my work at Branch and North Region level. I have been involved in national level policy development fora considering the role of professional bodies and levels of influence on government and industry leaders.I am a member of SEDA Professional Development Framework committee reviewing institutional membership applications and changes to professional standards for SEDA.

Inclusive practice and the power of this to change lives drives my involvement with inclusion related projects both within LJMU and in the wider community. I am passionate about supporting and encouraging engagement with learning. Creating a learning environment where new methodologies, technologies and difference can be welcomed will be part of the challenge facing educators in an increasingly volatile student market. My PhD is in Modern History and my thesis is titled" Experiences of Education 1944-1979 in Everton, Liverpool." This work supports my thinking in inclusive educational practice as class inequality continues to disadvantage those whose talents and energy are needed by society. Working as a volunteer with Amnesty International, DaDaFest and the Bluecoat I have gained the strategic and financial management experience to support organisations, particularly those working with a volunteer base, to sustainable positions.

Current projects include developing a collaboration with the Irish Government to consider the relationship between Irish and Caribbean slaves. Additionally, I continue to work to recognise the student voice and student participation in the governance process.


2021, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD
2014, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, MRes Modern History
1992, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, MSc, Management Sciences
1977, University of Bradford, United Kingdom, BSc History and Politics


2021, CIPD Companion conferred January 2021, United Kingdom, Companion, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
2019, Chartered Association of Business Schools, United Kingdom, CMBE
2011, Higher Education Academy, Fellow
2009, CIPD, Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Academic appointments

Co- Lead, Liverpool Business School, SMARTI - EU Erasmus project with Armenian and EU partners, 2022 - 2024
Associate Director, Accreditation, Faculty of Business and Law, Liverpool Business School, Faculty of Business and Law, 2021 - present
SEDA Professional Development Framework Committee, Professional Development, SEDA Staff and Educational Development Association, 2021 - 2026
Project Lead - Young DaDaFest, Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, 2019 - present
Associate Dean - Education and Student Experience, Liverpool Business School, LJMU, 2016 - present
KTP Lead, HR and Volunteering, British Red Cross, 2004 - 2007
Principal Lecturer - Human Resource Management, Liverpool Business School, LJMU, 1995 - present

Postgraduate training

PhD Induction, United Kingdom, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 - present

Journal article

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Royce MA. 2011. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour Butler M, Rose E. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour CIPD. London 9781843982470

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Houlden N, Royce M, Al Khateeb A, Melis C. 2022. Don’t be a sage, get off the stage: the evolving role of the business educator Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Highlighted activities

External committees:

SEDA PDF Committee SEDA Accreditation Committee, SEDA Staff and Educational Development Association, Committee member, 2022

Professional activities

Other invited event:

HR Senior Leaders Roundtable CIPD North, Manchester, By invitation meeting and dinner to review work policy and practice in the North of UK. Networking with senior local authority representatives and national board CIPD. 2024

Visioning Famine Trail events 2024-2025, City Library, Liverpool, Developing an artistic and business model for the Irish famine commemorative walk and art installation. Developing collaborative networks and linking to migration and poverty past and present. Aligning with SDGs. 2024

Good Work policy national advisory meetings, Manchester, Input into policy development for the CIPD Good Work Agenda. 2023

Other Professional Activity:

Attendance at a planning meeting for SEDA professional development network. Accreditation changes and further training agreed alongside participation in undertaking accreditation. 2024

Meeting with elected representatives LCC to discuss bringing together professional bodies and LJMU to a working group on collaborative activity looking at in work poverty. 2024

Developing relationships with EU and partners from Armenia in working together on COIL projects 2023

Public engagement:

Public consultation, Community workers and volunteers to map resources, Organiser with local councillors, participant, Liverpool Irish Centre, Community support and Cohesion, Developing a network meeting of community providers in the North Liverpool Everton and Anfield area. 2024

Conference presentation:

Building Professional Skills and Behaviours in an online environment, Students at the Heart Conference, Liverpool, Oral presentation. 2024

Vikings to Catechism: Memories from primary school, the voices of participants from research in Everton, Liverpool 1944-1979, History of Education Conference, London, Oral presentation. 2021

Empowering staff peer support in the use of technology - a circus tent approach, Students at the Heart Conference, Liverpool, Oral presentation. 2021

Practice skills in online environments, CIPD National Student Conference, Online, Oral presentation. 2021

Voices from Liverpool's Past exploring education policy and practice, Social History Conference 2020, Online, Oral presentation. 2020

Voices from LIverpool's past exploring education policy and practice, Social History 2020, Online, Oral presentation. 2020

Experiences of Education - Narratives, History of Education, London, Oral presentation. 2018

External committees:

SEDA Professional Development Framework Committee, SEDA, Committee member. 2023

EU Steering Group and Lead Partners, SMARTI, PI responsibility for project management and dissemination, 2023

SEDA PDF Committee SEDA Accreditation Committee, SEDA Staff and Educational Development Association, Committee member, 2022

CIPD Merseyside and North Cheshire Branch, CIPD, Education Adviser. 2018

North Area Partnership, CIPD, Committee member and Student Conference Coordinator. 2018

CIPD Branch Merseyside, North Wales, Cheshire, Isle of Man, CIPD, Academic Advisor. 2011

CIPD Liverpool Group, CIPD, Secretary. 2010

Board of Trustees, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Board member ( HR Lead). 2008

Membership of professional bodies:

SEDA PDF Committee Member, SEDA. 2022

Chartered Association of Business Schools - Learning and Teaching Committee, CABS. 2018

Fellow, Higher Education Academy. 2009

Fellow, CIPD.


Companion, Chartered CIPD. 2021

First Prize - Teaching and Learning 2018, UFHRD. 2018

External collaboration:

Liverpool City Council, Come2gether - Fair economy. 2019

Conference organisation:

North Area Partnership CIPD Student Conference 2019, Joint Lead. 2018

Editorial boards:

Journal of Social Enterprise, Editorial board.