Dr Oliver Kayas

Liverpool Business School

I am an experienced Senior Lecturer in the Business School environment with experience at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level. My research interests centre around digital business, management, organisation studies, information systems, digital technologies, surveillance, and privacy. I am particularly interested in critically examining digital technologies to understand the impact they have on societies, organisations, and individuals. My research includes a portfolio of 20 outputs in international journals, book chapters, and conference contributions. I am also an experienced PhD supervisor and examiner, and I am always seeking opportunities to supervise PhD candidates with similar interests.

I was elected to the Board of Directors for the UK Academy for Information Systems in 2015 where I support the development of the information systems field nationally and internationally. In this role, I also created and run the mentorship programme designed to support early career academics. In 2018 I was elected as a Committee Member of the North Western Operational Research Society Group. In this role my aim is to develop synergy between operations and information systems researchers. I am also an active member of the Surveillance Studies Network where I mentor international and national PhD students and early career academics with teaching, research, and career development.

I was the Guest Editor for the International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management and I have served as Associate Editor for the International Conference on Information Systems on several occasions. I have reviewed articles for international peer-reviewed journals and international conferences, including the European Journal of Information Systems, the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Information Technology & People, the European Conference on Information Systems, and the UK Academy for Information Systems.

I have extensive programme development experience both at postgraduate and undergraduate level for programmes and apprenticeship programmes. I was previously the IT Consultancy Pathway Lead for the Digital Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have taught across a range of postgraduate and undergraduate modules related to digital business, including Digital Business, Management Practice, Strategic Enterprise Information Systems, Organisational Strategy for Information Systems, Technology Ethics, Business Information Systems, Customer Information Management, Business Intelligence, and Business Strategy. I have been a Fellow of the HEA since 2017 and I am also an experienced external examiner.

Prior to an academic career, I worked as a consultant supporting the development of small organisations in a number of different industries. I am also committed to the third sector, having worked on the development of a range of different projects: digital marketing platforms, websites, information technology systems, and e-library systems. I have also worked for multinational firms in the banking and insurance sectors.

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