Dr Rajab Ghandour

Liverpool Business School

Dr. Rajab Ghandour is a Senior Lecturer in Business Intelligence. Once gained his masters from University of Greenwich; he worked as Research and Development Manager. In that role, he further enhanced his knowledge and practical experience in business solutions, project management,digital transformation, information systems, systems development, system integration and document management solutions.

He gained the Microsoft Certified Professional in web technologies and received a senior analyst certificate from the ACS (Australian Computer Society). After spending 10+ years in the industry Rajab went into academia to pursue his PhD.
After completed his PhD Rajab has worked in academia. He has worked as course director and programme leader in the last 8 years, successfully leading both UG and PG courses. In addition to that, he developed new courses and modules across different levels mainly related to BI, digital marketing and social media marketing. In addition to his academic and research work he provided consultancy for a variety of organisations and businesses. Rajab provided some interviews regarding social media:

Musk putting Twitter behaind paywall for Fortune Magazine (2022) : (https://fortune.com/2022/11/08/elon-musk-twitter-paywall-could-sound-the-death-knell-experts-warn/)

Zurberg's Monster: Is Facebook Invincible (2018)? (https://rewiredmagazine.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/zuckerbergs-facebook-invincible/).


University of West London, United Kingdom, PhD HCI and Information Systems
University of Greenwhich, United Kingdom, MSc Information Systems Management


Advance Higher Education, Senior Fellow SFHEA
Digital Marketing Institute, Certified Digital Marketing Professional
Higher Education Academy, Fellow Higher Education
Microsoft (United States), Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft (United States), Microsoft Technology Associate


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