Image of Dr Tonci Grubic

Dr Tonci Grubic

Liverpool Business School

Faculty of Business and Law

A researcher with more than 21 years of analytical experience in operations, technology, and innovation. Proven track record in working with companies to bring advanced operations and technology research into practice. Expertise in machine learning/data science, multi-method simulation modelling, statistical analysis, optimization algorithms, and process design. Acted as a lead researcher and project manager on several industry and government sponsored research projects.

My current research explores the business value of Machine & Deep Learning and the potential of combining multi-method simulation with Machine Learning.




University of Split, Croatia, PhD - Mechanical Engineering
University of Split, Croatia, MSc. - Mechanical Engineering
University of Split, Croatia, Dipl. Ing. - Mechanical Engineering

Academic appointments

Lecturer in Management Science, Liverpool Hope Business School, Liverpool Hope Business School, 2014 - 2019
Senior Research Fellow, Complex Systems Research Centre, Cranfield School of Management, 2012 - 2013
Postdoctoral Researcher, Innovation and Process Management, Cranfield School of Management, 2009 - 2011
Research Fellow, Manufacturing Department, School of Applied Sciences, Cranfield University, 2006 - 2008
Researcher/Teaching Assistant, Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Split, 2001 - 2006

Postgraduate training

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, United Kingdom, Liverpool Hope University, ? - present

Journal article

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Conference publication

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