Dr Hannah Baumeister

School of Law

I joined LJMU in September 2021 as a Lecturer in Law. I am also the editor of the LJMU Student Law Journal.

Prior to this, I worked as a lecturer, fellow and tutor in European Cultural History, Law, and Gender and Security in Germany, Mauritius and the UK.

In the academic year 2022/23, I teach International Criminal Law, Criminal Law, and Introduction to Civil Law and Civil Justice. I lead Family Law.

My research focuses on conflict-related gender-based violence, its causes, consequences and ways of addressing. While my early research examined the psycho-social work with survivors of war rape in the former Yugoslavia, my doctoral research centred on legal responses. It analysed the politics behind the international criminalisation of war rape and forced marriage in times of armed conflict under the statute of the International Criminal Court. My broader research interests include the intersections between forced marriage and modern slavery, the role of civil society in law making and conflict-related justice, non-violent conflict resolution, transitional justice, and visual representations, especially of conflicts and women. Geographically, my work focuses on the Western Balkans and Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Rwanda, Uganda, the DRC, CAR, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.




2016, Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom, PhD Law
2011, Swansea University, United Kingdom, MA War and Society
2010, University of Bremen, Germany, BA Integrated European Studies

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Internet publication

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Books (authored)

Baumeister H. 2018. Sexualised Crimes, Armed Conflict and the Law The International Criminal Court and the Definitions of Rape and Forced Marriage 9781315111490

Conference presentation:

Forced Marriage and Human Rights, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Oral presentation. 2022

“To Have and to Hold”: Forced Marriage, Modern Slavery and National Legislation of the UN Member States, Slavery Past, Present and Future, Oral presentation. 2021

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Conference organisation:

Elimination of Violence against Women Conference. 2018

Human Rights Symposium. 2017

Elimination of Violence against Women Conference. 2016

Human Rights Symposium. 2015

Teaching qualification:

Fellow Higher Education Academy. 2017


Outstanding Postgraduate Teaching Award. 2014

Research Grants Awarded:

Aberystwyth University, Unravelling the Process of Defining War Rape and Forced Marriage in Times of Armed Conflict Under the Statute of the International Criminal C0ort: Actors and Sturtcures, Grant value (£): 56,000.

AHRC, Drawing on Forced Marriage: Teaching Tough Topics Through Comics, Grant value (£): 60,000.

Other Professional Activity:

Advisory Board Member for Research, Savera UK.

Editorial boards:

LJMU Student Law Journal, Editor.