Dr Kenneth Kang

School of Law

Kenneth is interested in social theory and its application to current issues, in particular, international law’s regulation of transboundary rivers and oceans. At the core, his research revolves around understanding the relationship between law, science, finance, politics and the mass-media. He has also published on topics such as the relationship between international water law, river rights and transboundary hydropower dams.

Currently, Kenneth teaches Environmental Law, Tort Law, International Trade Law and Maritime Law. He is the module leader for Environmental Law and Tort Law.

Previously, Kenneth taught international environmental law at Lancaster University and international trade law and tort law at Bournemouth University. He also holds a PhD from Xiamen University (China) in Public International Law and post-doc from Utrecht University.


Chinese (Mandarin)


University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, BA Geography and Chinese
Xiamen University, China, MA Chinese Civl and Commerical Law
Xiamen University, China, PhD Public International Law


Higher Education Fellowship, Associate Fellow of Higher Education

Academic appointments

Lecturer in Law, Law, Lancaster University, 2021 - 2021
Lecturer in Law, Humanities and Law, Bournemouth University, 2020 - 2021

Journal article

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