Image of Mohamed Daoud

Mohamed Daoud

Astrophysics Research Institute

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Mohamed Daoud (Soli) boasts more than a decade of unparalleled expertise in science communication and public engagement. With a relentless commitment to bridging the gap between research and practice. His dedication to the field is underscored by his efforts in empowering marginalised communities and championing Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI).

Soli is currently working as an Development and Engagement Officer for the The Schools Observatory (, an educational outreach project opening Access to the Universe for All. For over 15 years the project has given schools across the UK and Ireland direct access to the Liverpool Telescope, for free. Engaging millions of young people and their educators along the way.

Soli’s journey within the realm science communication has been diverse and comprehensive. He has adeptly managed multifaceted projects, orchestrated community-driven initiatives, and pioneered innovative multimedia science broadcasts. His Master's degree in science communication and public engagement from the University of Manchester fortified his professional experience, offering a well-rounded view of the evolution of the field, its theoretical frameworks, and best practices.

His work has been recognized and awarded by various organizations, including Falling Walls Engage Breakthrough of the Year 2020 and the Study UK Alumni Social Action Award 2022.




2018, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, MSc
2010, Zagazig University, Egypt, BSc