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Dr Sebastian Kamann

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Journal Articles

Wendt M, Husser T-O, Kamann S, Monreal-Ibero A, Richter P, Brinchmann J, Dreizler S, Weilbacher PM, Wisotzki L. 2017. Mapping diffuse interstellar bands in the local ISM on small scales via MUSE 3D spectroscopy A pilot study based on globular cluster NGC 6397 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 607 >DOI >Link

Geller AM, Leiner EM, Bellini A, Gleisinger R, Haggard D, Kamann S, Leigh NWC, Mathieu RD, Sills A, Watkins LL, Zurek D. 2017. On the Origin of Sub-subgiant Stars. I. Demographics ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 840 >DOI >Link

Askar A, Bianchini P, de Vita R, Giersz M, Hypki A, Kamann S. 2017. MOCCA-SURVEY Database I: Is NGC 6535 a dark star cluster harbouring an IMBH? MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 464 :3090-3100 >DOI >Link

Wisotzki L, Bacon R, Blaizot J, Brinchmann J, Herenz EC, Schaye J, Bouche N, Cantalupo S, Contini T, Carollo CM, Caruana J, Courbot J-B, Emsellem E, Kamann S, Kerutt J, Leclercq F, Lilly SJ, Patricio V, Sandin C, Steinmetz M, Straka LA, Urrutia T, Verhamme A, Weilbacher PM, Wendt M. 2016. Extended Lyman alpha haloes around individual high-redshift galaxies revealed by MUSE ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 587 >DOI >Link

Kelz A, Kamann S, Urrutia T, Weilbacher P, Bacon R. 2016. Multi-Object Spectroscopy with MUSE Skillen I, Balcells M, Trager SC. MULTI-OBJECT SPECTROSCOPY IN THE NEXT DECADE: BIG QUESTIONS, LARGE SURVEYS, AND WIDE FIELDS, 507 :323-327 >Link

Kamann S, Husser T-O, Brinchmann J, Emsellem E, Weilbacher PM, Wisotzki L, Wendt M, Krajnovic D, Roth MM, Bacon R, Dreizler S. 2016. MUSE crowded field 3D spectroscopy of over 12 000 stars in the globular cluster NGC 6397 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 588 >DOI >Link

Husser T-O, Kamann S, Dreizler S, Wendt M, Wulff N, Bacon R, Wisotzki L, Brinchmann J, Weilbacher PM, Roth MM, Monreal-Ibero A. 2016. MUSE crowded field 3D spectroscopy of over 12 000 stars in the globular cluster NGC 6397 I. The first comprehensive HRD of a globular cluster ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 588 >DOI >Link

Bouche N, Finley H, Schroetter I, Murphy MT, Richter P, Bacon R, Contini T, Richard J, Wendt M, Kamann S, Epinat B, Cantalupo S, Straka LA, Schaye J, Martin CL, Peroux C, Wisotzki L, Soto K, Lilly S, Carollo CM, Brinchmann J, Kollatschny W. 2016. POSSIBLE SIGNATURES OF A COLD-FLOW DISK FROM MUSE USING A z similar to 1 GALAXY-QUASAR PAIR TOWARD SDSS J1422-0001 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 820 >DOI >Link

Weilbacher PM, Monreal-Ibero A, Kollatschny W, Ginsburg A, McLeod AF, Kamann S, Sandin C, Palsa R, Wisotzki L, Bacon R, Selman F, Brinchmann J, Caruana J, Kelz A, Martinsson T, Pecontal-Rousset A, Richard J, Wendt M. 2015. A MUSE map of the central Orion Nebula (M 42) ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 582 >DOI >Link

Bacon R, Brinchmann J, Richard J, Contini T, Drake A, Franx M, Tacchella S, Vernet J, Wisotzki L, Blaizot J, Bouche N, Bouwens R, Cantalupo S, Carollo CM, Carton D, Caruana J, Clement B, Dreizler S, Epinat B, Guiderdoni B, Herenz C, Husser T-O, Kamann S, Kerutt J, Kollatschny W, Krajnovic D, Lilly S, Martinsson T, Michel-Dansac L, Patricio V, Schaye J, Shirazi M, Soto K, Soucail G, Steinmetz M, Urrutia T, Weilbacher P, de Zeeuw T. 2015. The MUSE 3D view of the Hubble Deep Field South ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 575 >DOI >Link

Monreal-Ibero A, Weilbacher PM, Wendt M, Selman F, Lallement R, Brinchmann J, Kamann S, Sandin C. 2015. Towards DIB mapping in galaxies beyond 100 Mpc A radial profile of the lambda 5780.5 diffuse interstellar band in AM1353-272 B ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 576 >DOI >Link

Krajnovic D, Weilbacher PM, Urrutia T, Emsellem E, Carollo CM, Shirazi M, Bacon R, Contini T, Epinat B, Kamann S, Martinsson T, Steinmetz M. 2015. Unveiling the counter-rotating nature of the kinematically distinct core in NGC 5813 with MUSE MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 452 :2-18 >DOI >Link

Kamann S, Wisotzki L, Roth MM, Gerssen J, Husser T-O, Sandin C, Weilbacher P. 2014. The central dynamics of M3, M13, and M92: stringent limits on the masses of intermediate-mass black holes ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 566 >DOI >Link

Kamann S, Wisotzki L, Roth MM. 2013. Resolving stellar populations with crowded field 3D spectroscopy ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 549 >DOI >Link

Husemann B, Kamann S, Sandin C, Sanchez SF, Garcia-Benito R, Mast D. 2012. PyCosmic: a robust method to detect cosmics in CALIFA and other fiber-fed integral-field spectroscopy datasets ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 545 >DOI >Link

Weilbacher PM, Monreal-Ibero A, Verhamme A, Sandin C, Steinmetz M, Kollatschny W, Krajnović D, Kamann S, Roth MM, Erroz-Ferrer S, Marino RA, Maseda MV, Wendt M, Bacon R, Dreizler S, Richard J, Wisotzki L. On the Origin of Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Antennae Galaxy >Link

Nguyen DD, Seth AC, Neumayer N, Kamann S, Voggel KT, Cappellari M, Picotti A, Nguyen PM, Böeker T, Debattista V, Caldwell N, McDermid R, Nathan B. Nearby Early-Type Galactic Nuclei at High Resolution -- Dynamical Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster Mass Measurements >Link

Kamann S, Husser T-O, Dreizler S, Emsellem E, Weilbacher PM, Martens S, Bacon R, Brok MD, Giesers B, Krajnović D, Roth MM, Wendt M, Wisotzki L. A stellar census in globular clusters with MUSE: The contribution of rotation to cluster dynamics studied with 200 000 stars >DOI >Link

Husser T-O, Kamann S, Dreizler S, Hauschildt PH. A New Extensive Library of Synthetic Stellar Spectra from PHOENIX Atmospheres and its Application to Fitting VLT MUSE Spectra Astronomical Society of India Conference Series (ASICS), P. Prugniel and H. P. Singh (Editors), 2012, >Link

Conference Publication (journal proceedings)

Kamann S, Husser TO. 2016. The MUSE view on the dynamics of globular clusters Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana - Journal of the Italian Astronomical Society, 87 :600-604

Sandin C, Weilbacher P, Tabataba-Vakili F, Kamann S, Streicher O. 2012. Automated and generalized integral-field spectroscopy data reduction using P3D Radziwill NM, Chiozzi G. SOFTWARE AND CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE FOR ASTRONOMY II, Conference On Software and Cyberinfrastructure for Astronomy II 8451 >DOI >Link