Image of Ban Hikmat Qasim Al-Hasani

Ban Hikmat Qasim Al-Hasani

School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Journal article

Al-Hasani B, Abdellatif M, Carnacina I, Harris C, Ayad AQ, Maaroof BF, Zubaidi SL. 2023. Integrated geospatial approach for adaptive rainwater harvesting site selection under the impact of climate change Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Maaroof BF, Omran MH, Al-Qaim FF, Salman JM, Hussain BN, Abdellatif M, Carnacina I, Al-Hasani B, Jawad MR, Hussein WA. 2023. Environmental Assesment Of Al-Hillah River Pollution at Babil Governorate (IRAQ) Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic SASA, 73 :1-16 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Conference publication

Al-Hasani B, Abdellatif M, Carnacina I, Harris C, Zubaidi S. 2022. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF SUITABLE SITES FOR RAINWATER HARVESTING IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR AGRICULTURE USE: A REVIEW STUDY SLIIT International Conference On Engineering and Technology (SICET) Publisher Url