Image of Ban Hikmat Qasim Al-Hasani

Ban Hikmat Qasim Al-Hasani

School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Journal article

Al-Hasani B, Abdellatif M, Carnacina I, Harris C, Ayad A-Q, Maaroo BF, Zubaidi SL. 2024. Integrated geospatial approach for adaptive rainwater harvesting site selection under the impact of climate change Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 38 :1009-1033 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Maaroof BF, Omran MH, Al-Qaim FF, Salman JM, Hussain BN, Abdellatif M, Carnacina I, Al-Hasani B, Jawad MR, Hussein WA. 2023. Environmental Assesment Of Al-Hillah River Pollution at Babil Governorate (IRAQ) Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic SASA, 73 :1-16 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Conference publication

Al-Hasani B, Abdellatif M, Carnacina I, Harris C, Zubaidi S. 2022. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF SUITABLE SITES FOR RAINWATER HARVESTING IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR AGRICULTURE USE: A REVIEW STUDY SLIIT International Conference On Engineering and Technology (SICET) Publisher Url