Dr Maria Ferentinou

School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Dr. Maria Ferentinou, is currently a Senior Lecturer in Geotechnics at Liverpool John Moores University. Her research focus is on geohazard and risk assessment, climate resilience assessment of geotechnical infrastructure. Her specific interests are, on landslide susceptibility assessment, slope stability, rock engineering systems, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques in geotechnics, unsaturated soils and monitoring of ground deformation. She also conducts research in geotechnical engineering education.

Dr. Ferentinou prior to joining LJMU was an Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg (2016-2021), where she served as Head of Department; and before that she served as a Lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (2013-2016) and earlier she taught in Higher Education Institutions in Greece (2006-2012).

Dr. Ferentinou has offered consulting services on almost 40 hydrogeological, engineering geological projects for road, tunnels and dams’ construction, and smaller environmental and micro-seismic projects. Some of the major projects she was engaged was the Athens Metro tunnel, and Egnatia Odos Project.

Dr. Ferentinou is a member in the Technical Committee on Tropical Soils ISSMGE / TC107 as well as the Joint International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG) commission C37 – on Landslides Nomenclature and a member of the Editorial Board of the Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment.

She is a member of the British Geotechnical Association, an associate member of ICE (AMICE), a member of ISSMGE, ISRM, IAEG and a registered Professional Natural Scientist (Pr.Nat.Sci) in South Africa and Greece. She is rated by the National Research Foundation in SA, as an established researcher, (C2).

Dr. Ferentinou is accepting PhD candidates in the area of Geotechnics.


University of Patras, Greece, BSc, Hons
National Technical University of Athens, Greece, PhD

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering and Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University, 2021 - present
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg, 2018 - 2021
Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg, 2016 - 2018
Lecturer, Geological Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2013 - 2016
Assistant Professor (fixed term contract), Department of Civil and Construction Engineering Educators, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, 2011 - 2013
Assistant Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, 2006 - 2013

Journal article

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Conference publication

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Collaborative Research in the field of “Geotechnical and Geological Engineering with the performance of Large scale shear tests of soil-geosynthetic interfaces ", Host University: University of Patras, Prof N. Depountis, Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and the Institute of International Education (Full Bright Foundation Greece).. 2021

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, British Geotechnical Association. 2021

Member, International Association of Engineering Geology. 2021

Prof. Nat. Sci. in South Africa, (2016 – present), South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions, (SACNASP). 2016

Member, Technical Committee on Landslide Nomenclature (C37), International Association Association of Engineering Geology (2016- present). 2016

Member, International Society for Rock Mechanics (2014- present). 2014

Member, Technical Committee Tropical Residual Soils Committee TC107), International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, (2020 – present).

Editorial boards:

Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Editorial Board Member. 2014