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Spencer Kelly

School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Spencer holds the prestigious position of Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology & Building Surveying at LJMU's School of the Built Environment, leveraging nearly 30 years of profound expertise in Architecture and Construction. As a Chartered member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Architectural Technologists, he leads the charge in technological design within Architecture, encompassing concept, innovation, science and practical application.

Embarking on his architectural journey at 17 as a trainee Architectural technician with Liverpool City Architects, Spencer swiftly ascended to the role of grade 4 architectural technician. He furthered his studies in Architecture at John Moore’s University and Leeds Met. Before LJMU, he honed his entrepreneurial skills by managing his Architectural consultancy, making significant contributions to RaidDesign Architects in Liverpool as the design team leader.

At LJMU, Spencer serves as Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology & Building Surveying, while also holding the titles of Marketing Champion and Industry Liaison for External Engagement. He leads modules such as course leader for the HNC Construction and Property pathway courses and spearheads the new master’s module, MA 'Urban Design' in the Built Environment. His proficiency in digital imaging is evident in his lectures and training sessions on BIM and various Autodesk digital imaging programs, emphasizing seamless integration between software like Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, 3ds Max, and Photoshop.

Additional to this Spencer is programme leader for the HNC Construction and Property course, offering direct progression onto Level 5 of a range of full honours degrees in the School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment.

All HNC students will study the following core subject areas:

Built Environment Practice
Construction Technology
Design and Environmental Procedures
Integrative Project
Built Environment Law, Health and Safety
HNC students will also select one of the following degree pathway option modules:

Construction Management Practice (Construction Management pathway)
Design and Specification (Architectural Technology and Building Surveying pathways)
Measurement and Costing (Quantity Surveying pathway)
Valuation (Real Estate pathway)

Beyond his teaching duties, Spencer actively fosters industry collaboration and innovation at LJMU. As Marketing Champion, he spearheads initiatives to enhance the university's visibility and reputation in the construction sector. In his role as Industry Liaison for External Engagement & Innovation, he cultivates partnerships with external organizations, facilitating knowledge exchange between academia and industry. Spencer also contributes to LJMU's (BEST 'Built Environment Sustainable Technologies') Research group and Low Carbon Innovation Hub, aligning academic expertise with industry insights.

For those interested in collaborating with LJMU's Built Environment, Spencer and his team offer assistance across various domains, including:

- Low Carbon Technology Consultancy
- Carbon Finance and Energy Management
- Research & Innovation Services
- Contract research and development
- Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)
- Customized training and Continued Professional Development (CPD)
- Facilitation services for innovation
- Funded projects for SMEs

To initiate discussions or for further inquiries, feel free to contact Spencer directly. LJMU eagerly anticipates collaborating with you to achieve positive outcomes for your business.