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Dr Amir Asghari

School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

I grew up in Tehran, Iran, where I completed my BSc and MSc degree in Mathematics. Meanwhile, I taught mathematics at different levels, ranging from primary school to university, always advocating students’ learning-by-doing. My own interpretation of “doing mathematically” and the tasks that I designed in this direction brought me the award of a grant to study for a doctoral degree in Mathematics Education at the University of Warwick where I did my PhD thesis under supervision of Prof. David Tall and Mr Adrian Simpson.
In my work, research and practice are closely related to each other. This is well reflected in:
My doctoral study where I started by devising tasks to get students to construct the standard definition of equivalence relations, but I ended with a wide-ranging and highly integrated phenomenographical analysis of conceptions of equivalence in student learning, historical development, educational research, and practice;
My paper entitled, "Moore and Less", that is the story of a multivariable calculus course I ran based on my own modification of the Moore Method (Enquiry Based Learning); while offering a phenomenographical foundation for student-centred teaching, it breaks the commonly believed boundaries of such teaching as regards to class size and diversity of students’ ability and motivation.
My books, written for children, that are based on my research in early number learning.
My historical comic strips, written for middle school students and teachers, that are based on a personal blend of the history of mathematics and cognitive aspects of mathematics learning.
My current research in algebraic thinking in which together with two Ph.D students we use the notion of “specularity”, a theoretical construct of my own, to cultivate algebraic thinking in preschool children at pre-alphanumeric age and to develop algebraic awareness in middle school students while learning negative numbers.




2006, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, PhD. Mathematics Education
1999, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran, Islamic Republic of, MSc. Mathematics
1996, Sharif University of Technology, Iran, BSc. Mathematics

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Education Studies, Liverpool John Moores University, 2014 - present
Invited Lecturer, Mathematics, Sharif University of Technology, 2007 - 2013
Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education, Mathematics, Shahid Beheshti University, 2006 - 2014
Teaching Assistant, Mathematics, University of Warwick, 2003 - 2005

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