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Kirsty Lever

School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Journal article

Lever KE, Kifayat K. 2020. Identifying and mitigating security risks for secure and robust NGI networks Sustainable Cities and Society, 59 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

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Lever KE, Kifayat K. 2016. Risk assessment and attack graph generation for collaborative infrastructures: A survey International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems, 6 :204-228 DOI Publisher Url

Conference publication

Lever KE, Kifayat K, Merabti M. 2015. Identifying Interdependencies Using Attack Graph Generation Methods Ismail L. 2015 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATIONS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IIT), 11th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT) :80-85 DOI Author Url Publisher Url

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Lever KE. Identifying and Mitigating Security Risks in Multi-Level Systems-of-Systems Environments Kifayat K, Zhou B. Public Url