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Qingsong Liu

School of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Journal article

Zhang Q, Bashir M, Miao W, Liu Q, Li C, Yue M, Wang P. 2023. Aerodynamic analysis of a novel pitch control strategy and parameter combination for vertical axis wind turbines Renewable Energy, 216 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Liu Q, Miao W, Bashir M, Xu Z, Yu N, Luo S, Li C. 2022. Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance assessment of a vertical axis wind turbine by synergistic effect of blowing and suction Energy Conversion and Management, 271 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Wang P, Liu Q, Li C, Miao W, Yue M, Xu Z. 2022. Investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of horizontal axis wind turbine using an active flow control method via boundary layer suction Renewable Energy, 198 :1032-1048 DOI Publisher Url Public Url