Dr Robyn Pyne

School of Engineering

After undergoing Deck Officer training in the UK Merchant Navy, Robyn undertook a BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Maritime Law at Plymouth University. She has since completed an MSc and PhD as part of an Economic and Social Research Council scholarship. This looked into the implementation of the International Maritime Organisation’s Standards of Training Certification and Watch Keeping (STCW) Convention at Maritime Higher Education institutions in China. While completing her PhD studies, Robyn worked for a period as a member of faculty at Dalian Maritime University in China, assisting with the delivery of a World Maritime University MSc programme in Maritime Safety and Environmental Management, and also studied Mandarin Chinese.

Journal article

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Conference presentation:

Modelling the Maritime Officer Workforce in the European Labour Market, 4th Global conference on innovation in marine technology and the future of maritime transportation, Online, Oral presentation. 2022