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James Kidd

Nursing and Advanced Practice

Faculty of Health


Telephone: 0151 231 4410

I am a nursing academic and Field Lead for mental health nursing. I have been fortunate to have previously and currently study and work in most innovative of environments. I was privileged to study at the Birmingham School of Media and Cultural Studies, then complete David Edgar's ground-breaking MA in playwriting studies, one of the first BSc mental health nursing programs in England, an NIHR sponsored program leading to an MRes and later postgraduate qualifications in therapy for psychosis and PTSD.

My service user facing experience has predominantly been in acute services. Initially starting my career in acute inpatient services, progressing to the then nascent home treatment model of care as a team lead, briefly managing an A&E liaison team before my recruitment as a specialist practitioner in safeguarding adults and children. Then, finally, as the first Street Triage Car Nurse Practitioner on Merseyside as part of a 2 year pilot project.

My interests lie in assessment of acute presentations and the use of dramaturgy in teaching and learning. Again through good fortune ,due to the rise in simulation in teaching and learning, I find myself again at an exciting juncture in an innovative environment.

I have always been active in initiatives that promote equality and respect diversity and reduce some of the lived barriers to inclusion that many people experience. As a student I was recognised by the Vice Chancellor of Birmingham University with students and community projects and most recently I on the international board of directors of the world tennis organisation for LGBQT+ people, latterly as VP for Europe and Asia. I'm currently helping with diversity and inclusion projects in England and Spain.

My first Love is MH practice and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with students, service users, practitioners and my colleagues at LJMU on the MH 'practice' modules.


2015, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, MRes
2001, De Montfort University, United Kingdom, BSc
1994, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, MA Playwriting Studies
1992, The University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, BA General Hons (philosophy, politics, media & cultural studies)

Academic appointments

Mental Field Lead , Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 2008 - present


Kidd T, Rylance R. Dementia Care A Practical Approach Smith G.

Conference presentation:

Patient expectations and experiences of taking antipsychotic medication and their perceived role in recovery, RCN 2013 International Nursing Research Conference, Belfast, Oral presentation. 2013

Research Grants Awarded:

National Institute of Health Research, Patient expectations and experiences of taking antipsychotic medication and their perceived role in recovery, Grant value (£): 36000, Duration of research project: 1. 2009

Membership of professional bodies:

Registered Nurse, Nursing and Midwifery Council. 2001