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Hannah Doughty

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health

Journal article

Doughty HC, Hill RA, Riley A, Midgley AW, Patterson JM, Boddy L, Rogers SN, Maden M, Williams NH. 2023. Barriers to and facilitators of physical activity in adults living with and beyond cancer, with special emphasis on head and neck cancer: a systematic review of qualitative and mixed methods studies Supportive Care in Cancer, 31 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Mayland CR, Doughty HC, Rogers SN, Gola A, Mason S, Hubbert C, Macareavy D, Jack BA. 2021. A Qualitative Study Exploring Patient, Family Carer and Healthcare Professionals' Direct Experiences and Barriers to Providing and Integrating Palliative Care for Advanced Head and Neck Cancer. Journal of palliative care, 36 :121-129 DOI Author Url Publisher Url

Mayland CR, Ho QM, Doughty HC, Rogers SN, Peddinti P, Chada P, Mason S, Cooper M, Dey P. 2021. The palliative care needs and experiences of people with advanced head and neck cancer: A scoping review. Palliative medicine, 35 :27-44 DOI Author Url Publisher Url