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Dr Jeffrey Harrison

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health

I'm an experienced, accredited counsellor/psychotherapist. I am a qualified supervisor. I also have a PhD in comparative psychology.

My first degree was in English Literature (at UCL).

I am particulary interested in comparing and contrasting different models of counselling.


2007, UKC, UK, PhD

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, LJMU, 2017 - present

Journal article

Darley D, Blundell P, Cherry L, Wong JO, Wilson AM, Vaughan S, Vandenberghe K, Taylor B, Scott K, Ridgeway T, Parker S, Olson S, Oakley L, Newman A, Murray E, Hughes DG, Bin Hasan N, Harrison J, Hall M, Guido-Bayliss L, Edah R, Eichsteller S, Dougan L, Burke B, Boucher S, Maestri-Banks A, Breaking the Boundaries Collective . 2024. Breaking the Boundaries Collective - A Manifesto for Relationship-based Practice Ethics and Social Welfare, DOI Publisher Url Public Url


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Books (authored)

Harrison J, Chisholm R. 2016. The Wisdom of Not-Knowing Triarchy Press

Books (edited)

2016. The Wisdom of Not-Knowing Harrison J, Chisholm R. Triarchy Press