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Loredana Frau

School of Psychology

Faculty of Health

I was born in Italy and graduated in Clinical Psychology from the University of Padua, then obtained a 2nd Master's post-degree at the European University of Rome. In 2020, I completed the 4-year School of Cognitive Psychotherapy.

I am a researcher with a clinical background and experience in neuropsychological assessment and cognitive rehabilitation for adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) / dementia and other neurological conditions (i.e. acquired brain injury, stroke, etc).
I have experience in health and social care settings, including hospital-based rehabilitation services, private clinics, residential care homes, community mental health services, and various university departments.
I also gained experience as a research assistant at the Liverpool John Moores University-School of Psychology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, San Camillo IRCCS Research Hospital in Venice, the University Hospital of Ferrara-Brain Injury Unit in Ferrara, University of Cagliari- Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and the Multiple Sclerosis Centre Binaghi Hospital in Cagliari.

After recent positions as a clinical psychologist at the National Social Security Institute and the Supervisory Court (Italian Ministry of Justice), I am now a PhD student in Psychology at Liverpool John Moore University.

My research interests are cognition, depression, ageing, dementia, and neuro-rehabilitation.
My current PhD research project is on the use of several techniques (tactile stimulation, cognitive and neural stimulation) to prevent cognitive impairment and improve emotional responses in younger and older adults.

Experiments are carried out using software for cognitive assessment and stimulation (i.e., Qualtrics, Millisecond and Neurotablet), physiological measures (SCR and HRV) and Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).
The findings of this research project aim to demonstrate the effect of an innovative multi-modal intervention, applicable to both healthy and pathological populations, and that it may be added as a potential tool in clinical settings.

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