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Dr Barry Nicholls

Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Faculty of Science

Senior lecturer in Chemistry, specialising in the development and integration of computer software in Chemistry. Winner of The Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Education Teaching Award in 1998, recognising the value and communication of this work to the wider chemistry community.

Other research interests include the structure and reactions of transition metal cluster complexes


1983, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Ph.D.
1980, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, B.Sc. (Hons) Class 1


1998, The Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom, HE Teaching Award (1998)
1991, Liverpool Polytechnic, United Kingdom, Diploma in Computer Applications in Teaching

Academic appointments

Post-doctoral researcher, Chemistry, University of Hull, 1983 - 1984

Journal article

Nicholls BS. 1999. Pre-laboratory Support Using Dedicated Software RSC University Chemistry Education, 3 :22-24

Nicholls BS. 1998. Post Laboratory Support Using Dedicated Courseware RSC University Chemistry Education, 2 :10-13

Nicholls BS. 1997. Embedding ChemiCAL Courseware: Making Technology Teach CTISS Active Learning, 6 :48-48

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Clucas JA, Harding MM, Nicholls BS, Smith AK. 1984. The Crystal Structure of [Ir4(CO)9{Ph2P)3CH}]; a Phosphine Substituted Iridium Cluster with All-terminal CO ligands JCS Chem Comm, :319-320

Harding MM, Nicholls BS, Smith AK. 1983. Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structure of a Tri-iridium cluster Ir3(CO)6(Ph)[H2C(PPh2)2](PPh) JCS Dalton, :1479-1482


Higher Education Teaching Award, The Royal Society of Chemistry. 1998