Dr Gavin McStay

Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

My research interests focus on the roles mitochondria play in aspects of eukaryotic life, ranging from their origin, metabolism, biogenesis and role they play in cell death pathways. These are interrogated using biochemical, molecular biology, genetic and cell biology techniques. I incorporate these interests into classes I teach to provide an understanding of practical techniques and also the current literature in the field.

I studied biochemistry at the University of Leeds, with an industrial placement at Astra Charnwood, followed by a PhD at the University of Bristol, supervised by Professor Andrew Halestrap, to characterise the molecular composition of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore, with support from MitoKor. My post-doctoral training on the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis supervised by Dr Doug Green was at the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology in San Diego, California and St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. I then was an associate research scientist working in the laboratory of Professor Alexander Tzagoloff at Columbia University in New York to study biogenesis of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase in budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

I held independent positions as assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology in New York and Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent where I continued my research and taught subjects related to biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology.

I am a strong supporter of scientific communications and outreach to disseminate scientific developments and knowledge to a broader audience with the goal of increasing the general support of the scientific process.

I also direct Biomed News, a free biomedical research literature discovery platform that uses machine learning.




University of Bristol, United Kingdom, PhD, Biochemistry
University of Leeds, United Kingdom, BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Industrial Placement

Academic appointments

Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, 2022 - present
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Staffordshire University, 2018 - 2022
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences, New York Institute of Technology, 2013 - 2018

Postgraduate training

Associate Research Scientist, United States, Columbia University, 2010 - 2013
Post-doctoral research, United States, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 2005 - 2010
Post-doctoral research, United States, La Jolla Institute For Allergy & Immunology, 2003 - 2005

Journal article

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Advance HE fellowship. 2021

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