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Dr James Firman

Dr James Firman


Journal article

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Conference publication

Cronin M, Belfield S, Escher S, Firman J, Lieu J, Marsaux C, Mostrag-Szlichtyng A, Przybylak K, Rathman J, Tarkhov A, Yang C. 2017. Extension of the carcinogen dose-response database for threshold of toxicological concern TOXICOLOGY LETTERS, 53rd Congress of the European-Societies-of-Toxicology (EUROTOX) 280 :S284-S284 >DOI >Link

Firman J, Cain K, Park BK, MacFarlane M, Chadwick A. 2014. Investigating the roles of lysosomal iron and reactive oxygen species in the onset of mitochondrial toxicity induced through endoperoxide antimalarial drugs Toxicology Letters, 229 :S61-S62 >DOI

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