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Dr Suzzanne McColl

Dr Suzzanne McColl

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Journal article

McColl SM, hampson C, louhelainen J. 2011. An RNA Expression method for ageing Forensic Hair Samples Journal of Forensic science, 56 :359-365

Hampson C, Louhelainen J, McColl S. 2011. An RNA Expression Method for Aging Forensic Hair Samples JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, 56 :359-365 >DOI >Link

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McColl SM, evans EH, Tramontini L. 1996. Ca2+ and Mg2+ - binding and a putative calmodulin type calcium binding site in Synechococcus Photosystem II. Photosynthesis Research,, 50 :233-241

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Conference publication

Sivapathasundram S, McColl SM, Evans EH. 1995. Reactivation of Photosystem 2 by nitrate in Synechococcus PCC 7942 Mathis P. PHOTOSYNTHESIS: FROM LIGHT TO BIOSPHERE, VOL III, Xth International Photosynthesis Congress :509-512 >Link

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FORREST, organising committee

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Forensic institute research network management group, Forensic Institute, Committee member

UKFSEG - United Kingdom Forensic science Education group, independent

QAA Benchmarking Committee - forensic Science, QAA, member

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member, Royal Society of Chemistry

Member, Forensic Science Society