Dr Andrea Piovesan

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Journal article

Makin ADJ, Piovesan A, Tyson-Carr J, Rampone G, Derpsch Y, Bertamini M. 2020. Electrophysiological priming effects confirm that the extrastriate symmetry network is not gated by luminance polarity European Journal of Neuroscience, DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Piovesan A, Mirams L, Poole H, Moore D, Ogden R. 2018. The relationship between pain induced autonomic arousal and perceived duration Emotion, 19 :1148-1161 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

O'Sullivan N, de Bezenac C, Piovesan A, Cutler H, Corcoran R, Fenyvesi D, Bertamini M. 2018. I Am There ... but Not Quite: An Unfaithful Mirror That Reduces Feelings of Ownership and Agency PERCEPTION, 47 :197-215 DOI Author Url

Conference publication

Piovesan A, De Bezenac C, O'Sullivan N, Bertamini M. 2015. Unfaithful mirror: A new procedure to decrease the sense of ownership and agency of one's own face PERCEPTION, 44 :342-342 Author Url