Dr Colm Bowe

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Colm joined Liverpool John Moores University in 2010 as a Lecturer in Plant Science and Environmental Science. From 2014 to 2020 is was Programme Leader for the BSc Wildlife Conservation. Prior to this he completed his PhD and Post Doc at the University of Southampton, working at the International Centre for Underutilised Crops.

Colm’s recent research largely focuses on the interface between human and natural systems. Much of his research looks to engage with key stakeholders outside academia such as business, policy makers and conservation practitioners. He is currently seconded as Development Manger at Nature North (see www.naturenoth.org.uk).

His work broadly fits around the following themes.

Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services: Recent research has looked at the implementation of the natural capital approach both in the rural and urban environment. He has worked with business to understand its implementation and the role of the private sector in this. Earlier research has focused on the consideration of biophysical quantification and economic valuation of business natural capital externalities (relating to agricultural supply chains). He has also been involved in carrying out ecosystem services valuation studies in urban environments.

Spatial Analysis for Wildlife Conservation interventions: Use of Species Distribution Models (SDM's) and remote sensing data to advise and evaluate conservation interventions, such as reintroduction and reedbed management

Underutilised Crops: Promotion and domestication of underutilised crops. This includes modelling the distribution of underutilised species under current and future climates, to inform management of genetic resources and conservation.


2007, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, PhD
2001, Durham University, United Kingdom, BSc Environmental Management

Academic appointments

Programme Manager BSc Wildlife Conservation, Natural Science and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, 2014 - 2020
Senior Lecturer, Natural Science and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, 2010 - present
Research Fellow, Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton, 2006 - 2010


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Research Grants Awarded:

DEFRA/NLHF - Green Challange Recovery Fund, Community Forest Trust - More from Trees; a green recovery through the Mersey Forest, Mersey Forest, Grant value (£): 1,326,700. 2021

DEFRA - Natural Environment Investment Fund, Doubling Nature, Mersey Forest, Grant value (£): 90,000. 2021

NLHF/Nature North, Nature North Secondment, Grant value (£): 122,000. 2020

DEFRA, ELMS Test and Trial: A Natural Capital Mapping Tool for Measuring Public Goods - T&T 074 Upper Dane Catchment, Grant value (£): 50,000, Duration of research project: 9 months. 2019

Mersey Forest/CFT's, Spatial Mapping + Modelling Natural Capital Evaluation of CFT planting for Tree for Climate, Grant value (£): 99,140. 2019

MGET, Exploring a natural capital approach in the Upper Mersey Estuary for improved decision making and investment in the environment., Grant value (£): 30,531, Duration of research project: 3 Years. 2019

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Exploring Local Implementation of DEFRA’s 25 Year Plan: Learning lessons from embedding the Natural Capital Approach in a Northern Coastal City Region, Grant value (£): 45,335, Duration of research project: 10 months. 2018

Valuing Nature Network (VNN) Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Developing understanding and strategies for business to engage and inform UK Food and Farming policy to ensure that Natural Capital is an integral part., University of Cambridge, Grant value (£): 22,599, Duration of research project: 3 months. 2016

Natural England, Evidence Review – Natura 2000 Sites in North West, Grant value (£): 10000. 2015

Valuing Nature Programme (VNP) Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Valuing externalities in a business context, Grant value (£): 6000, Duration of research project: 6 months. 2012

External committees:

Liverpool City Region Natural Capital Working Group, Nature Connected, Chair. 2019

Steering Group, Liverpool City Region Year of the Environment, Member, http://www.natureconnected.org/yoe2019/. 2018

Biodiversity and Environment Research Board, Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust, Member, http://www.merseygateway.co.uk/mersey-gateway-environmental-trust/. 2018

Liverpool City Region Local Nature Partnership, Nature Connect, Member/Management team member, http://www.natureconnected.org/. 2017


Celebrating Success Impact Award, Liverpool John Moores University. 2016