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External PGR examinations performed:

University of Toulouse, PhD, The importance of abiotic variables in the expression of the pathogenic fungus in the mountains in a changing world. 2021


University of Swansea, MRes, Biosciences projects. 2019

University of Swansea, MRes, Biosciences Projects. 2018

Research Grants Awarded:

National Geographic, Rescue of Craugastor ranoides, a Critically Endangered frog in Costa Rica, Dr Robert Puschendorf, University of Plymouth; Dr Xavier Harrison, University of Exeter, Grant value (£): 34233, Duration of research project: 1 year 6 months. 2020

British Ecological Society, An investigation into the helminthic parasite abundance and diversity in two reservoirs of Mycobacterium bovis, cattle and badgers., Grant value (£): 4090, Duration of research project: 1 year. 2015

Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), Are ranavirus true multihost pathogens motivating extirpation of amphibian populations?, Jaime Bosch, Natural History Museum of Madrid; Stephen Price, UCL., Grant value (£): 102,000, Duration of research project: 3 years. 2015

The Royal Society, Swiss Cottage School's Urban Habitats:Spreading Biodiversity, Swiss Cottage School, Grant value (£): 2971. 2014

Project Cero, Disease mitigation in declining amphibians populations, Jaime Bosch, Natural Museum Madrid; Trent Garner, ZSL; Mat Fisher, Imperial College London, Grant value (£): 29735. 2011

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Journal of Animal Ecology, Associate Editor. 2020

Journal of Zoology, Associate Editor, https://zslpublications.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14697998. 2018


ZSL Institute of Zoology Independent Research Fellowship, ZSL Institute of Zoology. 2012