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Mahsa Abdolshahnejad

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Science

Journal article

Heydari Alamdarloo E, Moradi E, Abdolshahnejad M, Fatahi Y, Khosravi H, da Silva AM. 2021. Analyzing WSTP trend: a new method for global warming assessment. Environmental monitoring and assessment, 193 :806 DOI Author Url Publisher Url

Moradi E, Abdolshahnejad M, Borji Hassangavyar M, Ghoohestani G, da Silva AM, Khosravi H, Cerdà A. 2021. Machine learning approach to predict susceptible growth regions of Moringa peregrina (Forssk) Ecological Informatics, 62 :101267-101267 DOI Publisher Url

Shahsavani A, Tobías A, Querol X, Stafoggia M, Abdolshahnejad M, Mayvaneh F, Guo Y, Hadei M, Saeed Hashemi S, Khosravi A, Namvar Z, Yarahmadi M, Emam B. 2020. Short-term effects of particulate matter during desert and non-desert dust days on mortality in Iran. Environment international, 134 :105299 DOI Author Url Publisher Url

Choubin B, Abdolshahnejad M, Moradi E, Querol X, Mosavi A, Shamshirband S, Ghamisi P. 2020. Spatial hazard assessment of the PM10 using machine learning models in Barcelona, Spain. The Science of the total environment, 701 :134474 DOI Author Url Publisher Url

Mosavi A, Hosseini FS, Choubin B, Abdolshahnejad M, Gharechaee H, Lahijanzadeh A, Dineva AA. Susceptibility Prediction of Groundwater Hardness Using Ensemble Machine Learning Models Water, 12 :2770-2770 DOI Publisher Url