Noemie Bonnin

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

My research focuses on primate ecology and conservation. Specifically, I investigate chimpanzee distribution and connectivity across Western Tanzania using multiple non-invasive technologies. Throughout my PhD, I explored the potential of drones and satellite imageries to monitor chimpanzee populations and their habitat at broad spatial and temporal scales. Using molecular information extracted from non-invasive samples, I am also exploring the genetic structure and diversity of Tanzanian chimpanzees. By integrating the genetic data with landscape ecology, I am aiming to better understand how landscape features impact chimpanzee movement across vast ecosystems.

Journal article

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Bonnin N. 2021. Emerging remote sensing technologies and population genetic analyses for chimpanzee conservation in Tanzania Wich S, Piel A, Pintea L. Public Url

Conference publication

Bonnin N, Van Andel A, Kerby J, Piel A, Wich S. 2017. Assessment of Chimpanzee Nest Detectability Using UAV-Derived Aerial Imagery FOLIA PRIMATOLOGICA, 88 :93-94 Author Url