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Eleanor Cantwell

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Faculty of Science

My role is part of a collaboration between LJMU, British Gymnastics and UK Sports Institute (UKSI, formerly EIS) and involves operating in a dual capacity as a researcherpractitioner within BG and UKSI performance support teams. Particularly focusing within BG's performance pathway, I am looking at the psycho-social factors within talent development in these spaces. I am especially interested in exploring how such factors may be influenced environmentally including through coaching practice.

Supervisory team: Dr Martin Eubank (LJMU), Professor Zoe Knowles (LJMU), Alex McGregor (BG), Dr Karen Williams (BG), Dr Mike Stoker (UKSI, 2019-2022)


2017, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology
2016, Lancaster University, United Kingdom, BSc Psychology
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, Current: PhD Researcher, Sport Psychology

Postgraduate training

Qualification in Sport & Exercise Psychology, United Kingdom, British Psychological Society, 2019 - 2023