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Sport and Exercise Sciences

Mr Jamie Pugh

Mr Jamie Pugh


Journal Articles

Pugh JN, Sage S, Hutson M, Doran DA, Fleming SC, Highton J, Morton JP, Close GL. 2017. Glutamine supplementation reduces markers of intestinal permeability during running in the heat in a dose-dependent manner EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, 117 :2569-2577 >DOI >Link

Pugh JN, Impey SG, Doran DA, Fleming SC, Morton JP, Close GL. 2017. Acute high-intensity interval running increases markers of gastrointestinal damage and permeability but not gastrointestinal symptoms APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY NUTRITION AND METABOLISM, 42 :941-947 >DOI >Link

Editorials and letter to the editor

Pugh JN, Fearn R, Morton JP, Close GL. 2017. Gastrointestinal symptoms in elite athletes: time to recognise the problem? Br J Sports Med, >DOI >Link