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Dr Martin Littlewood

Dr Martin Littlewood

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Journal Articles

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Engagement & Impact

External collaboration:

URL:, Institution: Leaders, Collaborator: Professional contributor for The Leaders magazine

External committees:

Committee name: Science and Football Steering Committee, Organisation: World Congress Science and Football Steering Group, Position: Psychology Advisor

Committee name: Elite Performance Advisory Group, Organisation: The English Premier League, Position: Performance Psychology Advisor

Industrial connections:

Company: Manchester United Football Club, Position or project: Football Exchange Sports Science Support Assistant

Company: Everton Football Club, Position or project: Management of Internship programme to provide Sports Science support to Academy teams

Company: Crewe Alexandra Football Club, Position or project: Successfully gained an external consultancy contract to deliver Applied Sports Psychology support within the club

Membership of professional bodies:

Professional Member, BASES

Other invited event:

Title of event: World Congress Science and Soccer, Location: Portland, Oregan, USA, Description: Invited talk on Psychological Development of Elite Academy Players in English PRemier League Football

Research Grants Awarded:

Rugby Football Union, Motivation and movement of University leavers, Dr Robert Morris, Dr David Tod, Grant value (£): £24,852, Duration of research project: 6 months

The English Football Assocaition, Exploring the 'wash-out' effect on, and lived experiences of, Level 1 and 2 football coaches, Grant value (£): £60,000, Duration of research project: 3 years

Racing Welfare, Racing Industry Mental Health, Dr Mark Nesti, Grant value (£): £94,290, Duration of research project: 18 months

British Council, UK Football Study Programme for Yunnan Province, China, Grant value (£): 159,000.00, Duration of research project: 3 months

Teaching qualification:

Title of qualification gained: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education