Mr Chris Airey

Membership details: Independent Member

Member of:

Board of Governors 

Term of Office: 

25/11/2022 – 24/11/2025 (second term, first year)

Chris’ career has been in technology, business process outsourcing and marketing in a number of sectors such as Financial Services and Retail Services.  Experience as Chief Digital Officer of Student Loans Company coupled with chairmanship of a SaaS apps company provides particular relevance to his LJMU focus on relation to digital and technology transformation at the University.

His current roles are focussed on investment due diligence in leading areas such as AI and RegTech, sales and corporate development. Recently he has been the CTO of a Maritime Machine Learning business (GreenSteam) that provides services for vessel optimisation that helps address climate change challenges.

Chris is originally from Merseyside and is married with four children.

His interests are music (currently Jazz), Liverpool FC and fantasy fiction novels.