Mr Damian Waters

Membership details: Independent Member

Member of:

Board of Governors
Finance Committee

Term of Office:

28/11/2022 – 27/11/2025 (first term, first year)

Damian has been Regional Director of CBI North West since January 2003 – prior to that Damian was Assistant Director for the CBI North West and North Wales. Between 2014 and 2017 Damian lead the CBI’s national business development team. Damian has previously worked in the education, oil refining and manufacturing sectors.

Born and raised in Birkenhead, Damian studied Business and Finance at the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education and at the University of Central Lancashire, obtaining first an HND and then a BA (Hons).

Damian is a member of the Liverpool City Region Professional Services Board, the United Utilities Customer Challenge Board, the Electricity North West CEO Advisory panel and the North West Productivity Forum. He has been Vice Chair of the Nuclear Network North and an Advisory Board Member of Gordon Brown’s Joint Economic Council for the North West. For ten years he was Chair of Governors of Britain’s largest primary school. As a Director of The Wild Media Foundation, Damian created and managed the 2020Vision Young Ambassador project.

He lives on the Wirral and is married to Úna. He has two children, Martin and Róisín. Damian owns a nature photography business; his images and articles have been published in magazines and books worldwide and he is a columnist for magazines in the UK.