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Garry Banks

Mr Garry Banks

Membership details: Independent Member

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Member of:

Board of Governors
Audit Committee
Infrastructure Committee

Term of office:

03/04/2017 – 02/04/2020 (first term)

Garry is a chartered engineer and a Director of Ove Arup & Partners Limited.  In December 2000 Arup opened an office in Liverpool which Garry leads.

Garry has comprehensive experience in the project leadership, design and supervision of engineering services for a variety of building types.  Having spent several years working in the contracting industry as a time served electrician, he joined Arup in 1987 and graduated from Salford University in 1993 with a First Class Honours degree.

Garry is a member of Liverpool City Region LEP Low Carbon Economy Committee and is a member of the Professional and Business Services Board.

Garry is a keen Triathlete and has represented the GB Age Group Team at European and World events.