Mr Garry Banks

Membership details: Independent Member

Member of:

Board of Governors
Audit Committee
Infrastructure Committee

Term of office:

28/04/2020-27/04/2023 (second term)

Garry is a chartered engineer and a Director of Ove Arup & Partners Limited.  In December 2000 Arup opened an office in Liverpool which Garry led until May 2021.

Garry has comprehensive experience in the project leadership, design and supervision of engineering services for a variety of building types.  Having spent several years working in the contracting industry as a time served electrician, he joined Arup in 1987 and graduated from Salford University in 1993 with a First Class Honours degree.

Garry has held a number of roles on boards and committees in the City during the last 20 years including roles with the LEP, the CA, the City and Professional Liverpool.

Garry is a keen Triathlete and has represented the GB Age Group Team at European and World events.