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Wendy Williams

Ms Wendy Williams

Membership details: Independent Member

Wendy Williams
Member of:

Board of Governors
Employment Committee (Chair)

Term of Office: 

06/07/2018 - 07/07/2021 (second term)

Wendy has recently completed her term of office as Chairman of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.  She has held three Non-Executive Director positions in the NHS - Liverpool Heart and Chest Trust, Countess of Chester NHS Trust and the Walton Centre NHS Trust.  Other NHS activities include assessing for the ACCEA (Clinical Excellence Awards), coaching doctors in difficulty, being a voluntary mentor for a wide range of NHS staff.

Previously a Change Director in both the private and public sector, Wendy was brought in to lead large scale change projects in several UK central government departments as well as private sector organisations in France, Germany and the USA.  She continues to coach executives on handling change.

Wendy has always lived in the North West and has an honours degree (2:1) in Psychology/Communication Studies from Liverpool University.  She has served as a school governor twice, one comprehensive school and one private charitable status school.  Wendy was also a member of a regional NSPCC Business Board.

Wendy is married and has two children, four grandchildren and two dogs.  She is an enthusiastic skier, walker and cook