Respect, Always

At LJMU, above all else, we want everyone who studies here, works here and works with us, to feel respected, and to respect others.

Respect Always

Respect, Always is a collaboration between LJMU and JMSU which aims to get to the heart of what ‘respect’ means to us all as individuals and to collectively recognise this across the University.

The idea for Respect, Always first came from us recognising, as an institution, that there are some themes we struggle to raise awareness of in a clear, cohesive, student and staff friendly manner, such as sexual violence, hate crime and harassment. We also had other feedback from staff and comments in the staff survey that touched upon issues of respect.

It was very important to us – the University and the Students’ Union – to identify any issues accurately and address them directly, which is why we launched the listening phase of the Respect, Always campaign. From focus groups, an online questionnaire and pop-up stands across the campus, we gathered all your views on how you feel respected and how to demonstrate respect for others.

The complete results from that research are available for you to view online on the specially created Respect Always SharePoint site which all students and staff can access.

We have also produced the Respect, Always charter document which aims to demonstrate our commitment to putting respect at the heart of everything that we do. Throughout the coming weeks and months you will see Respect, Always materials around the University campus, as part of our work to make sure that Respect Always is integrated into the daily life of the University.

Our University has a proud history of being inclusive and making everyone connected to LJMU feel welcome, comfortable and accepted; whether they are studying here, working here or partnering with us. Respect, Always is about ensuring we maintain and develop this approach across all areas of university life.

We do know that, when respect is missing, issues can arise relating to differing levels of harassment and violence. LJMU is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all members of our University community and to responding appropriately to any incidents affecting our students and staff.
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