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Book a one to one appointment

How to book an appointment with our Advisers

In light of the situation, we are currently offering a virtual service for students and graduates. The uncertainty of the current moment in time may feel overwhelming, but major employers are still recruiting and even without an immediate opportunity in your sights, there are many positive actions you can take to improve your employability and get into a state of readiness to give yourself a head start when recruitment activities overall go back to normal.

To book a 30-minute telephone or video conference appointment with a specialist Careers Adviser or Employability Adviser, please telephone 0151 231 2048/3719 or email from 10am-4pm  In the email, please provide as much information as possible about the nature of the enquiry and we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time and to get a contact telephone number.  At the time of the appointment, an adviser will ring you on the number you provide to conduct the appointment.

Who will the appointment be with?

At the point of booking you will be asked some questions about the nature of your enquiry and you will then be booked in with the appropriate adviser.  Here is a breakdown of the advice and guidance they offer:

Employability Advisers

The Employability Advisers can help you prepare to apply for jobs, volunteering and postgraduate opportunities. They can review and provide expert advice on your CVs, application forms and personal statements for jobs, teaching or postgraduate opportunities. Whether you are looking for casual work, summer work, a sandwich placement, a graduate job or a postgraduate course, the Employability Advisers can help you make your application effective. They are also well versed in online recruitment methods, which many employers have moved more towards given the current situation.

The Employability Advisers can also discuss work experience and skill development opportunities with you and can discuss how to best prepare for interviews.

Careers Advisers

Each faculty has a designated Careers Adviser who you can speak with to explore your options and plan for your career – find out who your Careers Adviser is. Thinking about life after LJMU will allow you to assess the options you have, the paths you can take, and give you time to prepare for the next step. The Careers Advisers can show you what previous students from your course have gone on to do, what your subject area prepares you for and how to find out about particular jobs after graduation.  Careers Advisers are available to speak with if you want to explore ideas in depth.

As well as one-to-one appointments we offer:


We run a regular programme of online employability seminars, covering key themes like developing your LinkedIn profile, CV writing and preparing for telephone and Skype interviews and are currently developing new sessions to add to this that will give you practical advice in the current situation. To book a place and access these very helpful webinars, click here.

Online Careers Guides and Mini Guides 

Now is also a good time to make use of the wide variety of useful resources you can access on our Careers web pages. Prepare and update key application documents with our ‘CV and covering letter’ guide, get networking online with our guide on ‘Maximising LinkedIn for your career’, or start researching your career options in your school-specific Career Planning Guide, which contains lots of alumni case studies to give you initial career ideas and peer-to-peer advice. You can also download a variety of fact sheets on teacher training or postgraduate study and research, as well as subject-specific career insights for your course. To search and download, click here.

Careers Zone 24/7

Our ‘Careers Zone 24/7’ website offers you an online job board and job tracker and a range of digital career tools, which provide you with a great starting point to improve your employability and compete in the graduate labour market. You can log into the platform and start exploring the huge range of content here.

The wide choice of e-learning courses, career assessments, employer videos and podcasts, industry reports and news ensure that you can access suitable resources for wherever you are in your career journey and decision-making, while the interactive tools (including CV and cover letter builder, CV-scoring tool CV360, interview simulator, psychometric tests) help you prepare for each stage of the placement and graduate recruitment process.

Centre for Entrepreneurship 

All enquiries to the Centre of Entrepreneurship should be directed to - please include your phone number so a member of the team can call you back.