One to one careers meeting

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What are careers meetings for?

Whether you are just getting started thinking about your future or have some developed ideas, our team can give you careers advice and guidance. 

We offer 30-minute, face-to-face or remote (Teams) meetings. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Talking through your career ideas and options with your degree
  • Knowing where to look for internships and jobs
  • Advice on CVs, cover letters and application forms
  • Thinking about further study and preparing personal statements
  • Preparing for and practicing for job interviews (mock interviews)
  • Knowing what help is available to you as a LJMU student and graduate
  • Discussing career planning with a disability or a health concern
  • Considering changing or leaving your course
  • Finding work after graduation (both in the UK and abroad)
  • And much more!

Please note, mock interviews last for one hour and can’t be booked through the website. Please email to arrange. 

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Starting your own business or freelancing

For any students or graduates who are interested in setting up their own business, scaling up their business or freelancing, or just want to explore a business idea, email the LJMU Start-Up Hub at


Faq Items

How to book a careers meeting

The easiest way to book a careers meeting is online via our booking website.  However, you can also book in-person at our Careers Zones at the Student Life Building or Byrom Street, through our webchat, by telephoning 0151 231 3719/2048 or by emailing

  • When you book, please provide the following information:     
  • Full name & Student ID number
  • Contact telephone number & email address (LJMU email where possible)
  • The year of study (for current students) or the year you graduated & the name of your programme
  • A brief description of what you would like to discuss (e.g. 'CV check' or 'Discuss career options' etc)
  • Meeting time and day preference. (Our meetings are Mon-Fri, morning or afternoon.)
  • The meeting type you prefer: (Remote via MS Teams or face to face)
  • If face to face: Which location you prefer: Byrom Street Careers Zone or Student Life Building Careers Zone
  • Supporting documentation relevant to your careers meeting (CVs, cover letters, application forms, personal statements, job descriptions, person specification etc.) 

If you are unable to find a suitable careers meeting please do not hesitate to contact us directly as not all appointments are published on our booking website.

For students and graduates who are career planning with a disability or health concern, extended 60 minutes meetings are available.  Please contact us directly.  We can also help you search for disability-confident employers and provide advice around disclosure and adjustment requirements.

For current students, booked careers meetings will be displayed in your MyTimetable.

Book a Careers meeting 

Preparing for your careers meeting and what to expect

We know it can feel overwhelming when thinking about careers and the future, however our friendly and professional team are here to support and listen to you. You don’t need a fully-formed career plan to come to see us – in fact ‘Getting Started’ and ‘I don’t know what to do’ are very common themes of our meetings.

Preparing for your meeting

Use the links below to explore our online resources to help you with CV, application or interview preparation.  These are a great starting point and will ensure you get the most out of your meeting.

You can also test your CV on CV360 prior to your meeting to see how it compares against your peers.  This can help us focus on enhancing your CV content over basic grammar, spelling and formatting advice.

Launch CV360

During the meeting

At the start, tell us what you would like to focus on, so we can help you prioritise and plan. Don’t worry if you are unsure, we can discuss this with you and create a plan for moving forward. 

During your meeting, we can discuss a range of different topics and explore ideas to help you develop your careers thinking. There is no such thing as a silly question so please ask us anything. Some examples of careers meetings have been to discuss skills, strengths, work experience, what you like doing, your values and your future expectations, all of which can help you to discover jobs which are suited to you. We can help you discover volunteering opportunities, find work experience (in the UK or abroad) and talk you through the various stages of job applications and interviews. 

We can also help you find work experience through our internal recruitment agency Unitemps

Above all, our advisers will listen to you and help you create a solution that is specific to your requirements.  

At the end of your meeting, we will agree a number of actions or achievable goals. This might be to do some more research around a theme, to attend a careers workshop or take the leap and make a job application. 

After your meeting

Keep your actions or goals somewhere you can see them!  You don’t need to do them all straight away but set yourself a plan and a deadline date (as you would when preparing for an assignment).

Once you have completed these you can book back in and meet with us again – you have unlimited meetings however we do want to see some work in between meetings!  Our staff are trained to advise all students, however, we understand you might want to follow up and re-book with the same advisor. You can do this by selecting a meeting with them via the website, or by emailing and we will try to accommodate based on availability.

Our team provides impartial advice so feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Cancelling or rearranging a careers meetings

If you are no longer able to make this meeting, please cancel it as soon as possible so it can be offered to another student or graduate.

To do this, click here and 'Cancel Registration'. Alternatively email or telephone 0151 231 2048/3719.

You can arrange another meeting either online or by using the contact details listed above.  Please note: if you miss a careers meeting without cancelling you may have to wait an extended time to be able to re-book.