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Critical Research Seminar

Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminilisation and Social Exclusion

Critical Research Seminar - a series of talks

Providing a platform for discussion, debate and intervention

Established in 2011, the Critical Research Seminar is a series of talks and debates that examine social policy. Every year, four seminars are held and each seminar is led by a renowned speaker. Typically, speakers are either a leading academic or activist.

Recent highlights include Professor Carol Smart, a prominent feminist sociologist, and Robert King, one of the “Angola Three”, who - after a wrongful conviction - served 29-years in solitary confinement.

At the Critical Research Seminar, a variety of topics are discussed, from historical policies to current issues. Each seminar has a distinct theme and past talks have explored the following areas:

  •  Policing
  • Youth justice
  • Prison policy
  •  Drugs policy
  • Death in custody
  • Violence against women

Organised by the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion, the Critical Research Seminar attracts a national audience of academics, activists, students, practitioners, policy makers and members of the public. After the seminar, attendees are invited to discuss the issues raised. Thanks to the range of attendees, the debates are always stimulating, passionate and thought-provoking.

Details about the event – location, cost and booking

Typically held on a weekday evening for two hours, the Critical Research Seminar events are free and refreshments are provided. The seminars take place at Liverpool John Moores University. If you would like to attend an event, please register by contacting Antoinette Huber.

Speakers for the 2016 - 2017 series

  • Sheila Coleman: The Hillsborough Justice Campaign
  • Robert King and Albert Woodfox: Angola Three Justice Campaign, the Freedom Tour in association with Amnesty International

Past Critical Research Seminars

2011 - Launch of the Critical Research Seminar


Speaker and seminar title

3rd February

Danny Dorling: Injustice, inequality, harm, crime and criminality

2011 - 2012 Seminar Series


Speaker and seminar title

12th October

Robert King: The Story of a Black Panther

26th October

Vicky Canning and Roy Coleman: ‘Look out for yourself’: Synopticism, Panopticism and Sexual Violence

16th November

Vickie Cooper: Gendered Ideologies of the Home in Semi-Penal Institutions within the Community

1st December 2011

Joe Sim: The Fish Rots from the Capitalist Head: Riots in the Wasteland of the Free

14th December

Sandra Walklate: Who is the Victim of Crime?: Blame, Innocence and Responsibility

11th January

Paddy Hillyard: Baneful bankers and dodgy doctors: Social Harm and Zemiology’s challenge to criminology

25th January

Bijan Pant and Sara Parker: Aging in Nepal: Mapping service provision and the role of NGOs in meeting the needs of the elderly in Nepal

8th February

Steve Higginson: Liverpool After Dark: the retail ‘gaze’, sexsumerism and misogyny in the party city

22nd February

Helen Rogers: Liberated Prisoners: Responses to Christian Rehabilitation in Early Nineteenth-century England

7th March

Dave Jacques, Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte: Toxic Capital: Death and Degradation in the De-industrialised City

21st March

Hazel Croall: Food Crime: Local and Global Dimensions

2012 - 2013 Seminar Series


Speaker and seminar title

10th October

Sheila Coleman: The Hillsborough Justice Campaign

14th November

Zoe Alker: ‘Go on. Work him like a man!’ Masculinity and Street Violence in Mid-Victorian Liverpool

28th November

Samantha Fletcher and Tanya Paton: Challenges for the Occupy movement

12th December

Rhianne Jones: Invisible Nodes in the Network: Social Media, Commercial Activity and Digital Capital

30th January

Ceri Anwen Jones, Yvonne McNamara and Tracy Ramsey: The Will to Empower? Highs and lows of Liverpool young researcher’s network

13th February

Matt Jones:  A Police Diversity Stone Left Unturned?: an empirical exploration into the occupational experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual police officers across England & Wales


27th February

Helen Monk: The Rise of 'Raunch Culture': Young Women, Sexual Coercion and Social Control

13th March

Jo Phoenix: Out of place: The policing and criminalisation of sexually exploited girls and young women

2013 - 2014 Seminar Series


Speaker and seminar title

14th October

Adam Ford, Joe Halewood, Lynn Hancock and Gerry Mooney:  Bedroom Tax, Benefit Caps and the State 

6th November

Patrick Williams: Becoming the ‘Other’: Challenging the Race and Gang Nexus 

4th December

Kirsteen Paton: State Sponsored Gentrification 

15th January

Val Walsh: Men and Masculinity in an Outsourced World 

12th February

Andrea Beckmann: Fifty Shades and Beyond: Researching Intimate 'Bodily Practices' 

12th March

Liz Kelly: Changing the Discourses on Sexual Consent: Lessons from Research with Young People

2014 International Conference


Title of International Conference


International Annual Conference for the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control “Resisting the demonisation of ‘the Other’: State, nationalism and social control in a time of crisis”




25th February

Hazel Kemshall: Risk in an Age of Austerity: What Next for Offender Risk Assessment and Management?

2015 - 2016 Seminar Series


Speaker and title of seminar

21st January

Sheila Coleman: The Hillsborough Justice Campaign

25th February

Joanna Gilmore, Will Jackson and Helen Monk: ‘Keep moving!’: A report on the Policing of the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp


16th March

Professor Carol Smart, Professor Richard Collier and Professor Frances Heidensohn: Celebrating 40 years of Women, Crime and Criminology

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