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Go Global Fund

Get funding to carry out a project abroad

The Go Global Fund provides financial support to LJMU students who wish to undertake a project or activity abroad. If you are looking to enhance your degree, improve your employability and have a life-changing experience, you could gain funding to help you realise your goals.

Whether you’re interested in undertaking an international project as a group or an individual, you can apply to the LJMU Go Global fund for grant money to enable you to travel overseas to gain:

  • Cultural awareness and exposure
  • Confidence in yourself in an international setting
  • Access to materials or locations relevant to (but not required by) the course of study

You can design your own project or join an activity planned by an external provider, such as Smaller Earth. Show us that you are truly interested in making a difference, curious to discover something new, ready to experience a new environment and to reflect fully on what it will do for you.

Your project must:

  • Be relevant to but not part of your degree, and will need to be signed off by your programme leader or personal tutor
  • Demonstrate creativity of thought and the development of an original and personal idea/objective, or,
  • Involve observation and the intelligent use of experience in a scientific, cultural, environmental or business context, or,
  • Provide a response to, or support for, a circumstance which benefits others
  • If successful you will be required to support the Study Abroad team with material and/or presentations in their promotion of the fund in the future

How to apply

The deadline for Go Global has now passed, please check back soon for updates.

What LJMU students say

Read about the experiences of students who made a successful application to Go Global and received support funding to undertake life changing and enhancing activities.

One of the best experiences of my life. It is really an incredible privilege and experience all made possible by the Go Global Fund.

Liam Molloy - LJMU Sport Science student who took part in a sports development project in South Africa

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