Curriculum Enhancement Internships 2021/22: Building Learning Communities

Funding was made available to support a number of Curriculum Enhancement Student Internship projects during 2021/2022. Disruption to students’ university experiences caused by the pandemic reinforced the importance of considering how students interact and engage with staff and their peers. Hence, the guiding theme for project applications for this year was the development of learning communities and how projects might develop, apply, or refine approaches that enable students to learn through and from interaction, connection and collaboration with staff and other learners. The intention was that project outputs should aim to help students gain confidence and become more effective as learners and communicators, develop resilience and foster a sense of belonging with the course and institution.

As can be seen from the summaries below, the notion of learning communities inspired a diversity of approaches to be taken, with the community being located within subject areas, across discipline boundaries, as well as external to the institution. Some projects sought to develop resources and pilot methods to enable students to learn through greater interaction with each other and the learning materials. Other projects brought students together from different subject areas to learn from each other and create materials for a specific audience. Taking the lead from LJMU’s institutional values, which include a commitment to growing and supporting our wider community, a third group of projects were focused on developing partnerships with groups external to the University.

For further detail on any of the projects please contact the Project Leader or Liz Clifford.

Faq Items

Development of practical based activities for Mechatronics 1

Critical thinking in person-centred counselling: community of practice

History through advertising

International Student Buddying Scheme

In the Red: student-led magazine

Developing outreach materials that highlight the interaction between audio/video technology, forensics and law

Solidarity TV (Originally titled Manifesto!)

Valuing Diversity: Building Learning Communities with L8 (for young people aged 14 to 16)

Our Human Family - working with SEND YA towards inclusion

Enhancing the Curriculum of International Students to Liverpool: A Cross-Institutional, Cross-Disciplinary Welcome to Liverpool City Region as their City of Pedagogy

Creating a Community of Skills-Focused Learners: Surfacing and Narrating Transferable Skills within the History Degree Programme

Virtual Space for Engineering Mechanics

‘Seen, Heard, Supported’

What motivates students to attend, engage and enjoy seminars in Criminology?

Service User and Carer Involvement in Nursing and Allied Health: The Student Perspective