Leigh Pomlett

For Leigh, his time at Liverpool John Moores University shaped his life both professionally and personally.

“It provided me with an excellent platform from which my career was launched, and it was here that I also met my wife.”

Leigh studied here in the city in the 1970s when we were then called Liverpool Polytechnic. He was a business studies student, graduating in 1979 after four years of dedicated study.

“Back then the course included a grounding in business law, accountancy, sociology, economics and statistics,” says Leigh. “It provided a platform and a breadth of knowledge that prepared me for a life in business. My career could have gone in many directions, but I chose to enter the supply chain and logistics sector.” Leigh has since spent his entire career in this dynamic and challenging sector which has also afforded him the opportunity to work around the world for the likes of CEVA Logistics and DHL.

“I was initially based in the UK for the first five years of my career and then I moved on to an international career being based in Detroit in the US, as well as Amsterdam and Zurich in Europe. I also led business in Japan and the Middle East, all within the logistics sector across automotive, consumer, retail, oil and gas, and technology businesses. I’ve also worked extensively in China as part of a joint venture company based in Shanghai.”

Leigh reached the heights of regional CEO in many of the international businesses that he worked for around the world, before deciding to return to the UK to head up Logistics UK based in London. In this role he represented the sector at national government level even appearing at select committees at both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

“It provided a platform and a breadth of knowledge that prepared me for a life in business.”

– Leigh Pomlett

With a successful career spanning more than three decades, Leigh decided to leave the supply chain and logistics sector behind him, combining his professional expertise with a life-long passion for football.

Despite his great affection for the city of Liverpool, often coming back to visit to remember his student days, Leigh’s focus wasn’t on a club on Merseyside but in Walsall where he grew up.

In 2010 he joined the Board of Directors at Walsall Football Club, the team he has supported since childhood, later taking over as a majority shareholder and Chairman as well as joining the board of the English Football League.

“Having introduced new American investment at the club, I now hold the position as Co-Chairman of Walsall.”

With a business mindset running through all that Leigh does, he’s also developed a small family restaurant chain as a business start-up in recent years.

Leigh has recently reconnected with the university and Liverpool Business School so that he can give back to the next generation of business students, offering them advice, insight and expertise from his own extensive career which was built from the foundations that he gained as a student himself.