Lottie Kippax

Lottie is undertaking her master’s in pharmacy at LJMU and juggles her time studying with her work as a dispenser at Superdrug in Liverpool city centre.

She features in our ‘Humans of LJMU’ series in collaboration with the ‘Humans of Liverpool’ social media account, sharing the stories of the people who make our city, communities and university the vibrant, inclusive place it is in celebration of our bicentenary year.

In her interview she reflects on her decision to study pharmacy and how she enjoys city life compared to her rural home over the Pennines in Harrogate.

“LJMU has the oldest School of Pharmacy in the country, so it’s made me really proud to study here.”

– Lottie Kippax

Lottie’s ‘Humans of LJMU’ interview

“I initially wanted to be a doctor, but it’s really hard work and I’m very squeamish. I don’t like anything gory. I looked at other healthcare degrees where I could help people without it being so hands-on, without dissecting dead bodies because that’s just not for me. During Sixth Form I got the chance to shadow the pharmacy department in our local hospital and I loved it and I haven’t looked back since.

“LJMU has the oldest School of Pharmacy in the country, so it’s made me really proud to study here. I’m from Harrogate, a little town near Leeds, so I’m used to being in the countryside. I’m so glad that I chose to come to Liverpool to study. I love the dock area and all of the architecture. It’s such a beautiful place to live.

“I went to see campus unis but I felt they were too similar to my school and they felt like a bit of a bubble, like the town that I come from. I wanted more of a city life, where I can just walk out of my house and grab a coffee or go to different restaurants and have more of a social life.

“Liverpool is a great city, the people are lovely and there’s such a strong community feel. So, working in the pharmacy in the city centre is great. I love interacting with different characters every day and helping our customers from all walks of life.”