Molly McCann

Molly McCann is a professional UFC flyweight fighter. Born in Liverpool, her passion for combat sports was evident from an early age. She trained in karate, kickboxing, and Thai boxing before taking up boxing around the age of 12. She then played football for five years, playing for Liverpool Womens FC, until an ankle ligament injury brought about her football retirement and her transition into the world of MMA began.

During her football years is when Molly’s links with LJMU began. She undertook a degree in sports development, providing her with a solid foundation in sport science to help enhance her own performance. This was also when she caught the attention of Dr Carl Langan-Evans, an expert in the field of making weight in combat sports.

Many of Dr Langan-Evans' research papers have influenced countless athletes and their support teams in undertaking better practices in disciplines that require strict weight making. He works alongside Molly’s team to both improve her general health and wellbeing alongside her performance in the octagon.

“Working with Molly and being able to support her with some of our expertise via the School of Sport and Exercise Science is fantastic. Being able to action research into practice is why I am part of this brilliant school and to see Molly positively benefit from this in both her weight making practices and performances really encapsulates the ethos of LJMU.”

– Dr Carl Langan-Evans

In 2017, Molly's dedication and hard work paid off when she made her professional MMA debut. Her performances caught the attention of the UFC, and in May 2018, she became the first English woman to sign with organisation and went on in 2019 to become the first English female fighter to win a UFC fight.

She has continued to make her mark. Her relentless fighting style, coupled with her unwavering determination, has earned her a reputation as an exciting and fan-favourite competitor. She has faced formidable opponents in the octagon, always bringing an electrifying energy and never backing down from a challenge.

Beyond her fighting career, Molly is also actively involved in charitable endeavours. She uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health issues and has been a strong advocate for combating the stigma surrounding mental health.