Myles Jensen

Myles is an LJMU alumni of Liverpool Business School, and a co-founder, director and consultant at Jensen and Jensen, a creative and strategic insight marketing consultancy that he runs with his twin brother Bradley.

At 28, he’s a successful Entrepeneur and was this year (2023) named as a finalist in the tenth annual Black British Business Awards in the Entrepreneur Rising Star category alongside his brother.

For Myles, university was really an ‘afterthought’. Growing up in London and attending boarding school in Birmingham, from an early age Myles was aware of the interpersonal skills and discipline needed to excel in adulthood. But it was his family’s own diverse make-up that also led Myles on to the path he finds himself on today.

“I was raised in a blended household, a Danish analytical father and a vibrant St. Lucian, deaf mother. From a young age I saw her battles with adversity, which ingrained in me resilience, compassion and a strong sense of belief. This foundation cultivated my drive to champion diversity. University was an afterthought.”

Myles’ passion for art, design and content, coupled with a keen interest in business, was evident early on. “Whether it be the classic selling sweets in school, I always was interested in entrepreneurism. These two combined naturally led to marketing being an obvious choice - it was the idea of building interesting brands and creating content that shaped culture through advertising. I was fascinated by all aspects of advertising and marketing from a young age.

“Honestly, my intention was never to go to university, this was changed after a conversation with my family, it seemed like a good opportunity to continue on with education but take my passion for creativity and business and unify that through a marketing degree. When considering options, Liverpool always seemed, and is, a city of great culture, I certainly made the right choice.”

– Myles Jensen

For Myles, his time at LJMU was more about life lessons than just academics. “It honed my critical thinking skills. In branding, it’s not just about selling; it's evoking emotions and cultivating loyalty. My marketing degree laid the foundation for a specialised journey in brand-building.”

So those foundations built during his studies, coupled with his personal drive for success, have proven to be the springboard he needed to follow a route into entrepreneurship. And his career to date is certainly impressive.

“Since graduation I have travelled the world in and out of my past businesses, notable places include Russia, NYC, Colombia and more recently Paris where we shot over 185 million Euros worth of jewellery in a six-figure bridal campaign for one of our luxury client David Morris. Though my business anchors in London, its remote nature grants me flexibility in both schedule and location, so I can often be found working across Europe.”

He founded Jensen and Jensen with his brother in 2018, and the company is doing all it can to champion diversity, driving forwards racial equity and raising awareness around disabilities, particularly deafness and hearing loss. Something they have been recognised for through their Black British Business Awards (BBBA) nomination.

“The fact of the matter is, particularly in the media and creative industry, there is a lack of representation and opportunity for minority businesses. In 2021, 73% of agency leaders were white. In 2022, it was 90% (source: 4A's 2023 Diversity in Agencies Survey Report). It is a huge issue, and while mentorship and networking can help, the most important thing is to put capital in Black talent's pockets. That is exactly what we do, and by being finalists in the Black Business Awards, it continues to drive confidence, credibility, and the opportunity to pave the way for those that come after us.”

Reflecting on his academic journey, and business success to date, Myles shares his advice with the next generation of students looking to carve out a career in marketing. “Get comfortable with being bored. Consistency is key, and to build something impactful with a lasting legacy, you must be consistent. Understand that a degree is just one step in a lengthy journey. The marketing world has one of the lowest entry barriers, and it's becoming increasingly easier for people to 'set up an agency' or become a 'freelance SMM'. Consider this, and ensure you complement your degree with external interests. The degree gets your foot in the door, but everything beyond that is what grants you access. 

“Pursuing your passion can be challenging, especially if it's unclear to you. I believe in combining a few of your innate skills with your interests. For me, it was the synergy of communication, creativity, and connecting with people. Once you discern that blend, it's essential to mould a viable business around it. Without a sustainable business model, even the most passionate endeavours might not succeed.

“And finally, if your degree ends up not being the result you wish for; this only gives you more opportunity to bolster everything around it. It's not the end of the world.”