Phil Halpin

Phil’s connection with LJMU dates back to 1997 when he embarked upon his undergraduate degree in Media Professional Studies.

Alongside fellow students Owen Cotterell, Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, the idea to create their own film and animation studio was born. Initially as a student project and then as a fully-fledged business - Mocha - upon the quartet’s completion of their studies.

The group demonstrated back then the courage to trust and believe in their own abilities, thanks in part to the support and experience gained during their time at university. Being a courageous university is something that remains at the core of the organisation’s values today and one that provides a transformational experience for its students. LJMU were the company’s first client, and since then its core in-house team of talented producers and creatives, as well as a trusted group of collaborators, have been telling great stories for national and international brands ever since.

Dylan and Will went on to set up their own Grammy nominated music video and commercials outfit, 32, whilst Owen set up Juice Immersive, an Applied XR consultancy. Phil has remained at the helm of the Mocha team, and the company was recently recognised by EVCOM as being one of the top 35 brand content agencies in the UK.

“From our roots as students at LJMU to our role as storytellers for the university, Mocha has come full circle.”

– Phil Halpin

Phil said: “As residents of Liverpool, we’ve witnessed the city’s journey since the turn of the 21st century. And as Mocha, a company that was born out of the Media Professional Studies undergraduate programme at LJMU, we’ve had the privilege of documenting this journey and the transformational impact that the university has had on the city.

“Throughout its history, LJMU has been dedicated to providing a high-quality education to its students and has made significant investments in its facilities and resources. Mocha is no exception. Our education at LJMU equipped us with the skills and knowledge we needed to start a successful business, and the university has continued to support Mocha over the years by continuing to commission us for various projects.”

This year Mocha has created the LJMU 200 film in celebration of the university’s bicentenary, and a further series of short films will be developed throughout 2023.

“In telling the story of LJMU’s 200th anniversary, we are celebrating not only the university’s past, but also its bright future and to inspire the next generation of students to continue the university’s legacy of excellence.

“From our roots as students at LJMU to our role as storytellers for the university, Mocha has come full circle. The team is honoured to be a part of LJMU’s legacy, and to help tell the story of this hugely significant milestone in its history.”