Trish Bennett

In our Bicentenary year, we conferred honorary fellowships on 10 distinguished individuals at a special ceremony at St George's Hall. Among them was Trish, Chief Nurse, Chief Operations Officer, and Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Clinical Services at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

The prestigious honour, presented by Professor Raphaela Kane, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Faculty of Health), reflects Trish's unwavering dedication to public health and nursing throughout her career spanning over three decades in the NHS, particularly across the north-west region.

Her commitment to providing quality care, focusing on patients and their families, aligns with LJMU's mission to improve outcomes for patients and service users through education within its Faculty of Health.

Trish's extensive experience in the NHS spans more than 30 years, during which time she has held various nursing leadership positions in Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester.

“Trish is a real beacon of professional practice and gives a great deal to the safety and quality of services provided at Mersey Care Foundation Trust.”

– Professor Joe Rafferty
Chief Executive of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

She served as the Director of Nursing at NHS England for the Lancashire and Greater Manchester sub-region before joining Mersey Care. In this role, she provided professional nurse leadership, quality assurance, and clinical leadership input into transformative service change programs.

Trish joined Mersey Care in March 2018, initially as Executive Director of Nursing, and became Executive Director of Nursing and Operations in April 2018. She is now the Chief Nurse, Chief Operating Officer, and Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Clinical Services. Her journey within the Trust also involved a previous role as Director of Integration, a non-voting position on the Board.

Trish is committed to ensuring that healthcare is delivered with the utmost quality, and that patients and their families remain at the core of the care provided. This commitment not only resonates with her colleagues and peers but also aligns with LJMU's vision for healthcare education and delivery.