Taking the city under water

Albert Dock Liverpool Dockwatch

The natural environment of the Albert Dock, including its crabs, starfish, jellyfish and mussels, has been brought to the local community through a live underwater camera, alongside interactive sessions with Marine Biologist academics and students.  

This ‘Dockwatch’ event, delivered by Liverpool John Moores University in partnership with the Maritime Museum and the World Museum, welcomed over 3,500 visitors over a two day period.

Dr Simone Dürr, LJMU Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology, explained:   “Dockwatch brings the local community closer to the natural environment around them. We introduce people to the organisms and the unexpected biodiversity of the Albert Dock.  We engage with the public on issues such as invasive species (those that do not naturally belong to the environment they are found in), climate change, shipping, biofouling and antifouling, allowing for our research to be translated into impact on society and how it can address such challenges.”

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Dockwatch - child with Starfish


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