We're involved in extensive and diverse research

With an international reputation, an interdisciplinary approach, and a thriving collaborative network spanning all continents and oceans.

The School is proud of its four Research Groups carrying out cutting-edge research in ecology, evolution, genetics, neurobiology, entomology, geography, anthropology, palaeontology, biodiversity conservation and resource management.

Engagement and internationalisation

Our focus on major world issues such as health, conservation and sustainability, and climate change, in addition to key topics in evolution and human/animal behaviour, has led to the development of strong partnerships with external organisations globally. We are actively engaged with the main non-academic audiences for our research ranging from the general public (UK and international) to international non-governmental organisations, such as United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Health Organisation (WHO), European Space Agency (ESA), NASA, US Fisheries and Wildlife Service, and governments, including China, Uganda and Indonesia. Our researchers work at numerous archaeological and palaeontological sites to reconstruct the contexts of human evolution.

We have established close ties with:

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